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Digital X-rays

Only brushing and flossing can not suffice to maintain good oral hygiene. You also need specialized dental cleaning, examination and regular dental checkups in order to carry on with a good dental health.

Dr. Tooth Dental Studio offers preventive dental care services that may help you keep a check on your oral health.From oral exams, regular cleaning, and educational insights to digital X-rays, our expert dentists are always willing to assist you in detecting your dental issues before they get severe.

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We implement state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques to cure our patient's problems.

  • Premium facilities and convenience
  • Strict hygiene, sterlisation protocols and covid measures are incorporated
  • Painless and single-sitting root canal treatment
  • Professional and expert dental team

Some Facts to Remember

Digital X-rays enable dentists to augment and manipulate the images to enhance analysis. Dentists can employ functions such as magnification, contrast, and brightness adjustments, as well as image inversion to optimize visualization, ultimately facilitating improved treatment planning and decision-making. Digital X-ray also enhances the patient’s education; it enables the dentists to explain the results to the patients on a computer screen that helps them develop a better understanding of their problems, treatment options, and specific procedures.

More information

What problems can digital dental X-rays detect?

Dental X-rays can detect cavities, tooth decay, bone loss, infected area, unerupted, impacted, or abscessed teeth, etc.

Are digital X-rays safe?

Digital X-rays are generally safe.

Why are digital dental X-rays taken?

Digital X-rays help dentists to diagnose your problems. It is a quicker, clearer, and safer way to diagnose than normal radiography.

Are digital X-rays safe during pregnancy?

Dental X-rays involve minimal radiation and do not affect the fetus. Thus, it is considered safe for pregnant women.

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