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Night guards

Night guards are dental devices made of rubber or acrylic materials to protect the teeth from injury. These can protect teeth from grinding and clenching at night and during sports activities and support orthodontic treatment and tooth alignment.

Do you need a night guard to protect your teeth from sports injuries or grinding? If so, you should visit Dr. Tooth Dental Studio, where we provide high-quality and affordable custom night guards.We take a digital scan of your teeth before preparing your night guard so that you can choose from different options as per your individual taste and preference.

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Some Facts to Remember

Night guards have an additional benefit beyond protecting the teeth—they can aid in the reduction of snoring. They adjust the position of the jaw, slightly advancing it forward. It opens up the airway and facilitates improved airflow mitigating the vibrations that give rise to snoring. To ensure optimal durability and hygiene, night guards necessitate diligent maintenance. It is imperative to clean them regularly with a toothbrush and a mild soap or non-alcoholic mouthwash solution.

More information

Why do we need night guards?

You need a night guard to protect your tooth from problems like wear and tear, jaw locking, tongue indentations and teeth grinding, etc.

Can a child wear night guards?

Yes, children can wear night guards if recommended by their dentist or orthodontist.

Are night guards safe to wear?

Yes, night guards are generally safe to wear when used as directed and fitted properly by a dental professional.

How does the night guard help?

Night guards work as barrier between the upper and lower teeth, thereby smoothing out the effect of grinding or clenching forces. This way night guards prevent damage to the teeth and jaws.

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