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Post and Core

If you have a decayed or damaged tooth or have undergone root canal therapy, you might go through a post-and-core treatment. The post is a thin metal or fibre rod inserted in the root canal of the damaged or decayed tooth and filled with a material known as core to replace the missing structure of your tooth.

Our dentists at DR. Tooth Dental Studio are highly qualified and trained to perform post- and core-treatment procedures with accuracy and expertise. We utilise state-of-the-art technology and methods to provide you with a comfortable and safe experience during the procedure.

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We implement state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques to cure our patient's problems.

  • Premium facilities and convenience
  • Strict hygiene, sterlisation protocols and covid measures are incorporated
  • Painless and single-sitting root canal treatment
  • Professional and expert dental team

More information

What are the advantages of post and core treatment?

Post and core treatment allows you to retain your affected tooth, and restores the function and appearance of your tooth with a dental crown. 

What discomfort will I face after post and core treatment?

No post operative pain or swelling is there after post and core.

How can we avoid taking post and core treatment?

It can be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene, avoiding trauma or injury to the teeth, and seeking timely dental care for tooth decay or damage.

Why do we need a post and core treatment?

To restore a tooth that has lost a significant amount of its internal structure due to decay or trauma.

Some Facts

Post and core treatment helps preserve the natural tooth structure, provides a stable base to the weakened tooth, and reinforces it for the final restoration. The success of a post and core treatment depends on good oral hygiene and maintenance, on-time dental checkups, and avoiding habits like teeth grinding, and chewing hard foods.

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