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Sinus lift surgeries

People who have missing teeth or bones due to different causes may need sinus lift surgeries. These dental procedures increase the bone in the back area of the upper jaw, where there are big cavities called maxillary sinuses above the mouth. This way, they can have enough bone for dental implants.

Are you looking for a way to restore your smile with dental implants, but you don’t have enough bone in your upper jaw to support them? Get your sinus lift surgery done at Dr. Tooth Dental Studio and enjoy a beautiful smile that lasts for years.

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We implement state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques to cure our patient's problems.

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More information

Why is sinus lift surgery done?

Sinus lift surgery is done when there is not enough bone in the upper jaw to place dental implants. It can be due to tooth loss, gum disease, natural variation, or other factors.

What is the recovery time for sinus lift surgery?

It depends on the individual treated with the surgery but generally it takes some months for the integration of bone graft and natural bone.

What are the after-effects of sinus lift surgery?

During your recovery from sinus lift surgery, you may experience some discomfort, swelling, bleeding, and infection, thus it is important to follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions. 

Can sinus lift surgery be done for children?

Sinus lift surgery can be done for children in case of chronic sinus infection that does not get treated by medical treatment.

Some Facts

Sinus lift surgery can be done by using bone sourced from various sources such as:

Autogenous graft: Using your bone 
Allograft: Using a donor’s bone
Alloplastic grafts: Using synthetic materials 

Sinus lift surgery provides more bone support and stability that helps in successfully carrying out a dental implant procedure whenever needed.

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